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Biography of Dara Singh

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Dara Singh Randhawa ( ਦਾਰਾ ਸਿੰਘ )(born 19 November 1928) is wrestler and Indian film actor. He was born in Jat family of Punjabi background.

Dara Singh Randhawa ( ਦਾਰਾ ਸਿੰਘ )(born 19 November 1928) is wrestler and Indian film actor. He was born in Jat family of Punjabi background. Dara Singh was a wrestler before he started acting in Hindi films in 1962. He has defeated former world champion wrestler including Stanislaus Zbyszko. However this is questionable since the link for Stanislaus Zbyszko indicates that he retired in 1925 and Dara Singh was born in 1928. Even if Dara Singh beat Stanislaus Zbyszko, Dara Singh  would have beaten a much older Stanislaus Zbyszko. Dara Singh was nominated member of Rajya Sabha by Bhartiya Janata Party during August 2003-August 2009.

Dara Singh

Dara Singh is from India's state of Punjab. Due to his physique, he was encouraged to study Pehlwani, an Indian style of wrestling, in the milked sand wrestling pits of India called akhara. Dara Singh was a favourite in wrestling tournaments in India. In addition to this he wrestled on invitation of the kings of various Indian princely states and wrestled frequently in haats and melas (fairs and carnivals). He also successfully competed against some of the greatest names in wrestling history including Stanislaus Zbyszko, and professional wrestlers in the United States.

Upon his return to India he gained unprecedented popularity by having wrestling bouts across the country in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s, including a very popular series of matches with Lou Thesz in the late '60s.[1] He then translated this to celluloid fame by making a large number of B grade films which had him in the lead. One of his notable finds was the actress Mumtaz. Dara Singh then went on to 1980s and 90s television fame, whenDara Singh played the role of Hanuman in the television adaptation of the epic Ramayan. The series is amongst the most widely viewed in history. Dara Singh has acted in over 100 films. His latest Hindi movie is Jab We Met and his latest Punjabi movie is Dil Apna Punjabi. Dara Singh also worked in some television serial shows, most notable is 'Had Kar Di' which was aired on Zee TV.

Singh retired from active wrestling in 1983. In 1996 he was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

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