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Total Recall Release Date in India

By: Movies Talk | Views: 839 | Date: 29-Jun-2012

Total Recall Release Date in India & cast & crew details

Total Recall Release Date in India

Release Date in India

August 3, 2012

Total Recall movie



Banner / Distributor

Sony Pictures India

Total Recall Cast

Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid

Jessica Biel as Melina

Kate Beckinsale as Lori

Bill Nighy as Kuato

Bryan Cranston as Vilos Cohaagen

Total Recall Crew


Len Wiseman


Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe

Screenplay / Writer

Kurt Wimmer, Mark Bomback, James Vanderbilt

Based on "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick, Total Recall

Total Recall Review By Corey Ratting-(1.5)

Total Recall only proves that if a Blade Runner remake was to happen, it'd never work. Science-fiction films from back in the day, ones that became instant-classics, don't deserve to be touched upon and remade for the modern-times. Total Recall is a terrible attempt that turns Paul Verhoeven's 1990 classic into an explosive action-flick dumbed-down for the 2012 audience. Instead of focusing on the intriguing concept and storyline from the original, it instead fills our brains with non-stop CGI-filled action-sequences. Total Recall is a total waste. 

The original Total Recall was a film that I wasn't in love with. It was a good film but the reason I had such high hopes for the remake was because I figured it'd be able to touch upon the aspects from the original that I didn't like and turn this newer version into an science-geekgasm. The cast was pitch-perfect choices and the trailer reminded me a lot of Minority Report, the last GREAT futuristic science-fiction film, in my opinion. Buying a ticket for Total Recall last Friday night only raised my expectations when the ticket-man said to me, "Prepare for one awesome ride man! Saw the movie this morning and it was awesome!". If only he were there when I was walking out of the film so I could manipulate his taste in cinema. Again, what a total waste. 

Colin Farrell seemed like a good fit for the role. Arnold gave probably the best performance of his career with the original, but I was happy to see an actor like Farrell, an actor who can handle not only action but the acting as well (something Arnold isn't the best at) picked for the performance. The script itself is what really drags down the performances. The writing is dull and the lines aren't ever satisfying. The only reasons the performances feel so dead and empty is because they had literally nothing to work with. Kate Beckinsale's character is probably the most annoying thing about the entire film. The moment she opens her mouth in her god-awful accent saying "What can I say? I give good wife", I almost had to stand up and flip the screen off. As for Jessica Biel, I forgot she was even in the film half the time. Total Recall has a good cast but they aren't used to a good-enough extent because they aren't given good material to work with. Shall I say it again? What a total waste...

The storyline isn't complicated to follow but Total Recall has about ten different things going on at once. The biggest mistake the film makes is jumping all over the place without ever giving any implications for the audience to understand what the heck is going on. Too much goes on at once and it becomes a total bore. But unlike the original, this remake doesn't do much to give us insight on what Rekall is. Sure, we learn the concept and get what it does but I wanted more behind the project. We hear characters making theories saying that it messes with people's minds, other people say it's far from a waste of time and it gives you the best memories you'll ever have. So, was Rekall dangerous to do or was it really worth it? I wanted to know more about Rekall, because the film was titled around that concept. And why the film is titled "Total Recall" and why they title it "Rekall" in the movie, I'll never know. 

So instead of focusing on the storyline we're treated with a heavy-load of action-sequences. Ones that are far from memorable. One thing you'll notice is that the film uses way too much Cgi. So much that the cars even look animated and unreal. At times, the film will look uneven and almost like a 3D film without the glasses. Visually, the film lacks in the department of looking stunning compared to the glorifying advancements we've seen over the years. I was very disappointed with how the film looked.

Little things I questioned when watching Total Recall:

1) Douglas Quaid had a phone implanted in his hand and he didn't notice until two weeks later? If I had a phone chipped into my hand I would hope that it rang more than once every two weeks. 

2) I know it's the future and all, but that means in time women will grow a third tit? I don't think so...

3) If the Resistance and the Colony wanted to destroy the Fall, why didn't they do it? From the looks of it, it didn't seem so heavily defended and Farrell destroyed it pretty easily. They really needed a double-agent with memory-loss to do it for them? Seemed like a giant waste of time if you ask me. 

Instead of throwing out more things I questioned, let's just go with the fact that I questioned everything. Total Recall is a very poor attempt at trying to become something better than the 1990 classic by using heavy CGI action-sequences from start to finish. The futuristic look of the film borrows too much from Mass Effect 3 and in that statement fails at looking as beautiful. The film is nothing but running and explosion after explosion. You've got the guy, you've got the girl. They run. They shoot. They end up winning. It's a formula we've seen done in this genre plenty of times. What made the original such a classic was the concept and well-developed plot. This remake for some reason doesn't use the storyline to it's advantage and instead focuses on nothing but the action. Epic fail in my opinion. Even popcorn couldn't save this one for me. What a total waste...

Thanks for the read!

-Written by Corey Wood

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