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The Apparition (2012) Movie Review, Trailers, Cast, Story

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The Apparition 2012, cast, crew, release date, Images, Wallpapers, Story Downloads of the Hollywood Movie The Apparition 2012.

The Apparition – 2012

One of the latest upcoming supernatural Hollywood thriller films of 2012 is the movie “The Apparition”. The movie is directed by Todd Lincoln. Expectation are made that good reviews is waiting for the movie from the film critics.

Genre: Thriller

The Apparition (2012)

Movie release date of The Apparition:

The movie is finally scheduled for release on August, 24th, 2012 at US. The whole world is waiting for the grand release of this thriller movie.
The Apparition – 2012:
Star cast of the film:
• Ashley Greene : Kelly
• Sebastian Stan : Ben
• Julianna Guill : Lydia
• Tom Felton Hatrick
• Luke Pasqualino : Greg
• Suzanne Ford : Mrs. Henley

Produced by
• Alex Heineman
• Todd Lincoln
• Andrew Rona
• Joel Silver
Directed by
• Todd Lincoln
Editing By:
• Todd Lincoln
Music Directed by
• Tomandandy

Cinematography by
• Daniel Pearl

Distributed by
• Warner Bros. Pictures

Story Written by:
• Todd Lincoln

Plot of the story of movie The Apparition:

The young couple Kelly played by Ashley Greene and Ben played by Sebastian Stan were scared and frightened too when they discovered for the first time that they are under the influences of a haunted presence. The haunted journey started through a accidental conjured when a parapsychology experiment was conducted in the university. The situation becomes more horrifying when this haunted presence started following them where ever they try to flea away in fear. Their last hope is the experiment conducted by supernatural, Patrick, played by Tom Felton. Whether this help from Patrick can save them from the effects of the haunted presence or not forms the rest part of the story. Watch the movie to know more about the story.

The Apparition Review in My view:
The subject of the film itself is very attracting for the audience. So it can well expect that the movie will be enjoyed by the maximum number of people and will do very well in the box office too. The effects giving of the haunted effect in the movie is really amazing. The role played both by Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan is highly appreciable. The expression of feelings of scariness and fear are well depicted in the face of the two actors which makes the movie more attractive to watch.

The Apparition trailer:
Check out the sensational trailer of the Suspense thriller movie. Great contribution is made by the cast and crew of the film to make the experience more lively and expressive.

Do watch The Apparition movie 2012 with family in the theater.

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