Sherlyn Chopra to do Kamasutra in 3D

By: Movies Talk | Views: 2101 | Date: 29-Oct-2012

Sherlyn Chopra to do Kamasutra in 3D news. She recently created history by being the first Indian to pose nude for the international Playboy magazine


She recently created history by being the first Indian to pose nude for the international Playboy magazine. Though she received flak for the provocative content, Sherlyn has been unfazed. In fact, now we hear that Sherlyn will be seen as the leading lady of Kamasutra that's to be made in 3D by director Rupesh Paul.

Paul had announced his plans for the film when he premiered his maiden Hollywood venture Saint Dracula 3D at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. While stating that, he planned to premiere Kamasutra at the same prestigious international film festival in 2013.

Speaking about his leading lady, Paul said that Sherlyn fitted the bill perfectly, thanks to her exotic Indian looks and bold attitude. Further speaking about the film, Paul said that though the film will be a challenge to Sherlyn, it will also be equally challenging for him as a director, to portray her in a new bolder avatar.

As for making the film in 3D, Paul said that he chose the format to add that an extra dimension to the sexual positions described in the ancient scriptures on the art of love. Though a few key characters are yet to be cast, Paul said that they'll come as a surprise, though dissipating a bit of anxiety, he said that known actors from Bollywood will be cast.

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