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Zanjeer Movie Review

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If you're a fan of the 1973 Prakash Mehra directed 'Zanjeer' starring Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, Pran and Ajit, then do no waste time with this year's remake since it'll trigger your dislike for the remake culture almost instantly.

In the latest Zanjeer, quite like first lines written on posters covering the walls of small towns in a time that's now past, promises of great performance, action, romance and suspense are made. But alas. These elements are nothing new. The movie is replete with songs as stale as the days old vegetables rotting in the refrigerator. The 'twist' in the tale (Zanjeer) can be easily  discerned easily even by a kid. The sad truth, like with most Bollywood films these days, is that any real 'acting' is missing, and 'actors' thought capable of acting, weren't able to pull it off either.

Movie Review

The first half of the film is no work of creation and is a blatant copy of the original. Inspector Vijay is now ACP Vijay Khanna. This cop is angry, and law and justice are his whip and chain.After a transfer to the city, he reaches Mumbai and in a matter concerning a murder, he finally comes face to face with the head of the oil mafia, Teja. His finds help in the form of murder witness and love Mala, stolen cars businessman Sher Khan, and journalist Jaidev. As most biblical stories end, justice is dealt the perpetrator, and Vijay Khana walks away a hero.

It is common knowledge by now that the film's hero Ram Charan Teja is a superstar down south. So it's only understandable (and since the Indian audience expects no better from a 'star') that he act less, and focus more on showing off his biceps, shouting (since someone apparently told them that screaming is the same as being angry), and dancing. Suffice it to say, in no way does Ram Charan Teja do justice to the role of angry cop Vijay Khanna. 

Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Mala, but doesn't sell knives or anything in this movie. She's an NRI who's visiting India to dance at a friend's wedding, and basically to see the country typical Bollywood style. But life has other plans, and she finds herself in a situation where she's the prime witness in a murder case. And so she meets ACP Vijay Khanna and eventually falls in love with him. We now understand why Priyanka Chopra apologised  (for any unintentional mistakes) in an interview recently, before the movie's release. Her acting is forced and exaggerated to say the least. 

Veteran actor Pran played the role of Sher Khan in the original with such finesse, that a close match was next to impossible. And that's precisely what happens. Although Sanjay Dutt is no match for Pran in the role of Sher Khan, he managed to keep himself together unlike the other folks in the movie. He suited the role well in. He's built like a 'pathan', and the marks on the face and strong personality got him much closer to his character in the movie compared to the others'. Despite all of this, his character was weak and so was the qawwali sequence.

Prakash Raj is a brilliant actor, which was proven with his role in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' where he was a strict physical training instructor. But with 'Zanjeer' he seemed held back. What came through instead were antics, with the director's isntructions of course, that ended up making him look like a fool in a maze.

Mahi Gill played Mona Darling and that she ruined the character, is saying the least. She was only spotted pulling Teja to bed. On repeat. This turned out to be just another isntance of a talented actor going to waste in a movie.

Atul Kulkarni plays the role of crime journalist Jaidev. He comes from a theatre background and such a role for him was understandably easy to pull off. 

Many things in the movie are left unexplained. The villain kill's the hero's father and the hero has a dream, but why we spot a horse in the dream, is unclear. This is only one of the many things that remain hazy. Steer clear of this movie.
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