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Joker Movie Review

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Joker Movie Review By Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama:
  • Ratings:1.0/5.0
  • Reviewer:Taran Adarsh
  • Site:Bollywood Hungama
despite everything going in its favor, JOKER falls flat on its face! JOKER runs out of gas as soon as director Shirish Kunder establishes the plot, because neither does the comic quotient work, nor do the aliens [fake and actual] salvage the show. In fact, the film makes a mockery of everything you may have seen or heard of UFOs and aliens.While bits and pieces of the first half is tolerable, the film goes completely awry in its post-interval portions. Seriously, what was Kunder thinking while penning and executing this one? Imagine an alien dancing to Indian songs and also doing pelvic thrusts!!! Yes, you read that right! On the whole, JOKER is a joke of a film. Disaster!

Joker Movie Review

Joker Movie Review By Koimoi:
  • Ratings: 2.0/5.0
  • Reviewer: Roshni Devi
  • Site: Koimoi
What’s Good: The direction; the music; the cinematography; some puns.What’s Bad: The predictable storyline.Loo Break: None.Watch or Not?: It’s a timepass watch but not really engrossing.Joker is an amusing but predictable fare. Nothing out-of-this-world.Shirish Kunder’s premise for Joker is too simplistic. Obviously, logic takes a backseat but it’s the predictability that is the real downer.

Joker Movie Review By IBN Live:
  • Ratings: 2.0/5.0
  • Reviewer: Rohit Vats
  • Site: Ibn Live
You can find almost all the known comedians in Joker but their acts depend on the director's instructions.Joker tries hard to keep the momentum going but it needs better acting for that.Aliens, aliens everywhere but not a logic to find.Shreyas Talpade's gibberish works at times. Rest of the actors are either overacting or just delivering their lines.Joker is technically satisfactory but it needed a more meaty story.Overall, Joker is funny in parts. Better acting could have helped it.Joker gets 2 out of 5 for its VFX, Akshay Kumar, Kafirana and Shreyas Talpade's gibberish

Joker Movie Review By One India:
  • Ratings: 2.5/5.0
  • Reviewer:One India
  • Site:One India
You can see Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in some crazy, tacky attire, that adds no humour. In fact, after watching out such brilliant stars in such crazy costumes, doing some insane acts in the film, we feel nothing except pitying on them.Verdict so far:Joker introduces us to some dirty, monstrous looking aliens, that might just scare you at a glance, unlike the cute, adorable Jaadu from Koi Mil Gaya. Everything about the film so far has been too overrated and lousy.Joker introduces us to some dirty, monstrous looking aliens, that might just scare you at a glance, unlike the cute, adorable Jaadu from Koi Mil Gaya. Everything about the film so far has been too overrated and lousy. Though these points aren't too good for the health of Joker's Box Office predictions, but, you never know, lady luck might strike Kunder this time, after his last disastrous Jaan-e-Man.

Joker Movie Review By Box Office Capsule:
  • Ratings: 2.5/5.0
  • Reviewer:Nabanita
  • Site:Box Office Capsule

To start with, "Joker" is not a bad film at all and what is heartening to see is that it has been made with noble intentions of giving something new to the audience. But these are only good things about the film. Director has made this film in a unique genre of social sattire cum comedy cum adventure saga.hirish Kunder succeeds as writer of the story but its translation into screenplay is far from satisfactory. Screenplay is more of wayward than anything else. It seems that director fails to decide what he is aiming for - entertainment, sattire, hard core comedy or sci-fi adventure. To bring social issue and environmental concern with some novel idea was not bad intention but to execute in such a manner adds injury to the insult.To make it clear, "Joker" is an entertaining film but really breaks down in last 15 minutes and that will leave audience wanting for more especially with such a short running time. Go for this one if you like experimentation otherwise watching this one is not a joke!

Joker Movie Review By Miss Malini:
  • Ratings: 3.0/5.0
  • Reviewer:Vidhi Sharma
  • Site:Miss Malini
Joker doesn’t have the usual soppy romance nor does it have the vehemence of intense fighting scenes. But it has a well-structured storyline, a really good supporting cast, a foot-tapping item song with all the jhatkas and matkas by Chitrangda Singh, and some great scenes that will make you laugh out loud. All in all, I would just like to say that it’s a breath of fresh air and worth a watch. You won’t be disappointed. (3/5 stars.)
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