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Sixteen Movie Review

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Sixteen is really a story of three teenage women, Anu (Izabelle Leite), Tanisha (Wamiqa Gabbi) and Nidhi (Mehak Manwani) who desire to fulfill their dreams. While Anu hopes for being a large fashion model...

Sixteen Movie Review

Sixteen Review - Sixteen movie Review - Sixteen Hindi Movie Review - Sixteen Film Rating


Raj Purohit’s “Sixteen” hindi movie is released today. It is a 2013 drama thriller film directed by Raj Purohit. Sixteen movies is really a wickedly funny film. It can make you laugh even while it informs you disquieting facts regarding your kids. It sucks you to their deep, dark realm of sassy, saucy, sexy, highly informed, intelligent, aggressive, go getter youngsters with hearts which are still tender and searching for love and meaning. And you'll never call at your kids exactly the same way again.

Coming to the movie Sixteen is really a story of three teenage women, Anu (Izabelle Leite), Tanisha (Wamiqa Gabbi) and Nidhi (Mehak Manwani) who desire to fulfill their dreams. While Anu hopes for being a large fashion model, Tanisha keeps looking for her true love but always eventually ends up getting disappointed. However Nidhi, who is easily the most innocent from the three, really wants to enjoy her first sexual encounter using the perfect guy. However is Ashwin (Highphill Mathews) who is easily the most shy and timid boy in the class who's forced by his parents to hack the IAS exams. The film is about how these four youngsters. For the complete story you must watch the movie on big screen…


Coming to the analysis of the movie it’s best to observe that each of them has place in their finest efforts to provide their finest. Izabelle, who plays the smoothness of the brave and impertinent teen, looks beautiful while Tanisha’s performance is confident. Ashwin and Nidhi also play their parts well. Zakir Husain’s performance may be the one factor to be careful for within the film because he plays his character with intensity. The film showcases all of the emotional issues that the teens nowadays face when they were young-to-day lives. The film also sheds light around the tricky grownups as well as their best attempts to have their children in charge. At some point of your time the film becomes too foreseeable to cause rates shedding. A couple of moments within the film are extremely evocative while a couple of are simply pointless and irrational. The film is unbelievable inside a couple of moments particularly the part in which the parents are proven acting cruelly using their kids. Overall movie is just average.


Coming to the star performances sixteen to be the debut film for the stars, their acting although looks sloppy, their work is still visible. A place to become noted here's that despite to be the story of four teens it sways a little bit-bit much in support of Tanisha (Wamiqa Gabbi) through the film. The smoothness of Anu (Izabelle Leite) arrives like a girl who's too mature to become 16 years of age. As even the dubbing accomplished for Izabelle neither matches the smoothness nor includes a proper lip-sync. Figures of author Vikram Kapoor (Keith Sequeira) as well as Nidhi (Mehak Manwani), being pivotal might have been more elaborated while Ashwin’s character (Highphill) might have been prevented or nurtured in an easy method.


Raj Purohit script and direction is good in all areas of the movie. The storytelling is elusive and incredibly estimated. Dialogues may be sappy but they are an important element to match the plot. The background music from the film is offered by four music artists namely Prashant Pillai, Adam Avil, Eddie Avil and Gaurav Dagaonkar which describes why the background music hasn’t switched out very well. Cinematography by Sriram Ganapathy is ok here. Production values are up to the mark here.

Final Word: Sixteen is good in script, but not in the rest of the areas. Overall it is just average movie. If you have a better option smoothly avoid this.

Sixteen Review Rating: 2.25/5
Cast- Izabelle Leite, Keith Sequeira, Wamiqa Gabbi, Mahak, Highphill
Music- Prashant Pillai, Adam Avil, Eddie Avil, Gaurav Dagaonkar
Cinematography- Sriram Ganapathy
Writter- Raj Purohit, Pawan Sony
Director- Raj Purohit
Producer- Shailesh R. Singh, Vishwas Joshi
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