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Movie Info - Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge - October - 2011

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Hindi movie 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge' release date on 14th Octomber 2011.

Storyline of the Movie: Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011)

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Movie 2011

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Movie Synopsis / Preview

If Rahul the rock star has got the voice and the looks, Vishal, the writer has the brains. If Malvika, the fashion design student and biker chick can get heads turning with just her looks, Preity, the photographer, can say a million things with her pretty pictures. What Vishal and Preity can't do, is spell it out to Malvika and Rahul that they heart them. 

But 'Liking' someone on Face book is a lot easier. And when you can't make it on your own, the best thing to do is to fake it. So, Vishal becomes Rahul and Preity becomes Malvika by taking their identities online and they start fraaandshipping each other. They chat, 'like', tag and LOL together and do a great job of pretending to be someone else. But, the question remains, how long can you fake true love? 

In short, Rahul loves Malvika. And Malvika loves Rahul. But Rahul is not Rahul. Rahul is Vishal. And Vishal loves Malvika too. But Malvika is not Malvika either. Malvika is Preity. And Preity loves Rahul. But Preity hates Vishal. And Vishal hates Preity. 


Character Sketch

Nishant Dahiya: Rahul Sareen
Rahul is a rock star even when he's off stage. This guy looks like a million bucks, sings like a dream and is charming as hell. His songs play on everyone's play list on campus and he's a huge chick magnet. This dude ignores and denies more fraaandship requests in a day than many lusty guys make to chicks in month. Rahul has two very good friends; Vishal and Hacky.They have complete access to his house, his car, his life. Even his Face book profile. Which is what makes this the most screwed up love story. 

Saba Azad: Preity Sen
Preity is a man repellent. She's pretty and all, but she hates the sight and smell of men around her. Especially Vishal, the prankster. If she had just one wish, she would wish Vishal disappeared from her life. Preity is a totally complicated girl and quite a loner. A photography enthusiast, she is always seen clicking away with her camera on campus.Preity really likes Rahul's singing and loves his lyrics. Her roomie and best friend, Malvika is really happy that she has managed to like someone after such a long time. But that isn't necessarily such a good thing in this really screwed up love story. 

Saqib Saleem: Vishal Bhatt
A ghatiya shayiri writer and a pain in all the wrong places, if Vishal has any talent, it is being a genius prankster. He can go to any lengths to have fun. This appetite for fun can be matched only by his hatred for Preity. The two give the phrase 'Get along like a house on fire' a totally different meaning. But Vishal has two best friends who like him. Yes, just two. Rahul, the rock star and Hacky, the internetty weirdo.Vishal secretly writes lyrics for Rahul's songs which are a big hit at his gigs. At one such gig, Vishal spots Malvika and falls in love with her. What happens then makes this the most screwed up love story ever. 

Tara D'Souza: Malvika Kelkar
There's simply just a lot more to this bounty of beauty from nature's basket. This fashion design student wears more than just her attitude. She designs her own stuff and does a damn good job of it. She's the girl with the thump, thanks to the bullet she rides. Malvika's mom and dad live abroad and she shacks up with Preity. The two are worlds apart but best friends.
Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Hindi Movie Information with complete cast and crew details:-

Release Date
October 14, 2011

Comedy / Romance

Banner / Distributor

Music Label
YRF Music

Official Website


Saqib Saleem as Vishal
Saba Azad as Preity
Nishant Dahiya as Rahul
Tara D'Souza as Malvika


Nupur Ashtana

Ashish Patil

Associate Producer
Aashish Singh

Executive Creative Producer
Pooja Desai

Pooja Desai, Ashish Patil

Screenplay & Dialogues
Anvita Dutt Guptan, Rajesh Narasimhan

Music Director
Raghu Dixit

Director of Photography
Neha Parti Matiyani

Aadil Shaikh

Sound Designer
Indrajit Neogi, Manas Chaudhary

Costume Designer
Priyanjali Lahiri

Production Designer
Parichit Paralkar

Khushboo Agarwal Raj

Casting Director
Shanoo Sharma

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