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Thoofan Movie Review

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ACP Vijay Khanna is definitely an honest and aggressive cop. He is another very angry youthful guy. His upright character is compensated having a record quantity of transfers...

Thoofan Movie Review

Thoofan Review - Thoofan movie Review - Zanjeer Hindi Movie Review - Zanjeer Review - Ram Charan Thoofan Rating


Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra's "Toofan" telugu movie released today. It's an action film directed by Apoorva Lakhia, shot concurrently in Hindi and Telugu. The film marks the Bollywood debut of Tollywood actor Ram Charan within the lead role together with Priyanka Chopra.

Visiting the storyline from the movie ACP Vijay Khanna is definitely an honest and aggressive cop. He is another very angry youthful guy. His upright character is compensated having a record quantity of transfers, but Vijay never changes his attitude. After a problem with a few ruling party people in Hyderabad, he’s moved to Mumbai. Vijay is assigned using the analysis from the violent murder of the deputy collector. He soon understands that the effective oil mafia is behind the crime.

An NRI named Mala (Priyanka Chopra) may be the only witness and Vijay seeks her help. Because the analysis increases, Vijay understands the loaded Rudra Pratap Teja (Prakash Raj) is the guy behind the whole criminal operation.As Vijay inches nearer to the reality, Teja uses all his money and influence to obtain Vijay suspended. A defiant and angry Vijay vows to eliminate Teja and the empire. What happens next? For the complete story of the movie you must watch the movie on big screen...


Coming to the analysis of the movie Mega power star Ram Charan has shipped energy packed performance. He looks good like a cop and that he has squeeze into the smoothness of ACP Vijay Khanna quite effortlessly. This movie is a very good debut vehicle for Charan’s Bollywood career. Priyanka Chopra is alright. She looks pretty hot within the ‘Mumbai Ke Hero’ and ‘Pinky’ tunes.

Sri Hari works well as Sher Khan. Tanikella Bharani has provided a dignified performance because the courageous crime reporter.Prajash Raj is extremely awesome because the mafia Don Teja. He's well based on Mahie Gill, who seems as Mona. Their conversations are full of ‘double meaning’ dialogues that may use B and C center people.The interest rate from the film is nice. Rapid run-time is definitely an resource. Much like in Mission Impossible films, an audio lesson plays out throughout the outlet game titles which continue to be shot very well. Overall movie is first class.

Thoofan Movie Review


Coming to the performances when compare to epic performance of Celebrity Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer, it tough it reimaging another doing exactly the same job. But must say Ram Charan has introduced his acting experience and given a good job. Priyanaka Chopra is nice in her own looks and carried out well in her own limited role. Though Srihari began inside a routine mode his performance and portrayal enhanced because the movie advanced. But he unsuccessful to even achieves the objective of veteran Pran’s character in Zanjeer. Prakash Raj ongoing his conventional villain-ism with Teja’s character. Tanikella Bharini is nice in the role. Mahi Gill is much better within the tunes than moments, she munificently uncovered her beauty.Rest of the supporting cast done justice to their respective roles here.Overall performances are ok here in the movie.


Apoorva Lakhia had done a decent job here in the entire movie. Apoorva Lakhia has been successful to maintain good pace through the film. But he must have implanted more humor and entertainment in to the proceedings. He scores passing marks like a director.Gururaj’s cinematography is nearly ok.

Editing isn't sufficient. Aside from a couple of sequences, re-recording is just average. A far more capable music director might have really assisted the film. Telugu dialogues are nearly ok.Production values will also be top quality within the entire movie. This movie is technically sounds.

Final Word: Ram Charan has given wonderful performance here. There is no comparison to the Zanjeer here. Definitely Toofan is a worthy watch for this weekend.

Toofan Review Rating: 3/5

Banner: Studio Reliance Entertainment
Cast: Ram Charan,Priyanka Chopra, Srihari, Prakash Raj, Mahie Gill, Ankur Bhatia, Tanikella Bharani
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan,Chirantan Bhatt,Anand Raj Anand
Cinematography: Gururaj R. Jois
Editing: Chintu Singh
Story: Apoorva Lakhia
Screenplay: Suresh Nair,Apoorva Lakhia
Direction: Apoorva Lakhia
Producers: Mahi's Entertainment,Puneet Prakash Mehra,Sumeet Prakash Mehra,Flying Turtle Films
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