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Prema Oka Maikam Movie Review

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Mallika (Charmme) is really a top quality call girl. She lives existence on her behalf terms and doesn't worry about what others think or say. One evening, she accidentally mows lower Lalith (Rahul)...

Prema Oka Maikam

Prema Oka Maikam review - Prema Oka Maikam Movie Review - Prema Oka Maikam Telugu Movie Review - Prema Oka Maikam Film Review Rating


Charmy ‘s “Prema Oka Maikam” telugu  movie released today. Here Charmy appears on the screen as a call girl. This film written and directed by Chandu of tenth Class fame and created by Venkata Suresh and Srikanth Surya on Touring Talkies banner. The film stars Charmy together with Rahul and Saranya Nag within the lead. Prema Oka Maikam handles three figures a phone call girl Mallika (Charmee), a singer (Saranya) along with a author (Rahul).The film, that has music by M.G.K. Praveen and cinematography by Praveen Bhandari, was shot in places such Bangalore and Hyderabad. Senior film journalist Pulagam C. Narayana nee Pulagam Chinnarayana debuts like a dialogue author here.

Coming to the story of the movie Mallika (Charmme) is really a top quality call girl. She lives existence on her behalf terms and doesn't worry about what others think or say. One evening, she accidentally mows lower Lalith (Rahul) because he is going to mix the road. She rapidly takes him right into a hospital possessed by her friend Vamshi (Rao Ramesh) but Lalith manages to lose his eyes.Lalith is really a budding author and that he results in like a excellent guy. Mallika takes him to her house and begins taking care of him. While getting together with Lalith, Mallika understands that there's more to existence than money and luxury. She also involves learn about his tragic love story including singer Swathi (Saranya Nag). Mallika decides to assist Lalith and she or he requires a drastic decision to revive his eyesight. What goes on next? For that complete story you have to watch the film on big screen...


Coming to the analysis of the movie, entertains audiences for any couple of minutes within the other half which is the only real positive part of the movie. Charmme looks ok inside a couple of moments. Saranya looks decent.Rahul’s performance is actually bad. He looks really miserable if this involves showing feelings on his face. Surekha Vani and Chandra Mohan happen to be wasted. Rao Ramesh is observed in another minor role.Inside a jar filled with sand, it's difficult to identify and choose anyone particular sand grain. Attempting to identify and talk about the defects within this film is an extremely similar exercise. However, let's limit ourselves to some couple of.Theoretically speaking, this needs to be probably the most pathetically made films in recent occasions.Many short films and small budget productions have better technical values than this movie. Charmme has so what can simply be called being an extended guest role. The film was marketed as Charmme’s ‘Prema Oka Maikam’. But actually, her role is extremely limited and she or he is hardly observed in the other half.There’s any logical flow towards the story. The director attempted to deal with a lot of styles at the same time and that he wound up creating a large mess from everything. The romance story between Rahul and Saranya is really a joke.There's one fellow who's introduced like a Ganjai Don. He should be a villain but he looks comical.Overall movie is a big failure of entire team.


Coming to the star performances through the stars are pretty regular also it never helps the film in anyway too.Charmy Kaur, noted for some most riveting performances in Telugu cinema continues to be ongoing having a rather dismal show doing forgettable films one by one for any a significant time now, and also the latest accessory for that list is Prema Oka Maikam. Rahul character is lazily written and that he unsuccessful to thrill like a author. Its second inning for Saranya but she's nothing much to complete within this poorly written script. Rest of the supporting cast also just had done a ok job.


Coming to the technical aspects of the movie director that has scripted the film themself with the aid of his Professional Pulagam C. Narayana, has centered on a number of figures here. No problems about this if it's been told well. The pre climax is read throughout the very first half after which, the occurrences that brought into it each one is being told as flashbacks. With occurrences which are not even close to convincing along with a script, which isn't so excellent by means, the film moves ahead in highly foreseeable lines. You will find some sequences targeted to tickle the funny bone, however the attempts falls flat. MGK Praveen and S.R.Posam might have chose to make this a musical treat. Even significant lyrics are wasted within the film. Cinematography by Praveen K Bangari is extremely sloppy. Editing by V. Nagireddy might have been crispier. Movie can be simply cut short by one-half hour within the first half. At almost two hrs and forty minutes, the film never appears to finish. Production values from Touring Talkies banner are extremely poor.

Final Word: Prema Oka Maikam is not a complete movie. Please avoid for this weekend.

Prema Oka Maikam Review Rating: 1.25/5

Banner: Touring Talkies
Cast: Charmee, Rahul, Saranya Nag, Ravi Babu, Rao Ramesh, Chandra Mohan, Thagubothu Ramesh, Surekha Vani, Jackie, Pruthvi, Chanti, Satish, Sony Charishta, Saraswati Amma
Story: Chandu
Music: MGK Praveen,S.R.Posam
Cinematography: Praveen K Bangari
Editing: V. Nagireddy
Screenplay: Chandu, Pulagam C. Narayana
Direction: Chandu
Producer: Venkata Suresh, Srikanth Surya
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